Fun Future Careers


Cameron Choi

Fun Future Careers


When I get older I want to be three things; professional soccer player, cop, and a special-ed helper. These jobs are cool jobs and they help people.


Professional soccer players influence kids into playing soccer at a young age. Some great soccer players are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Arjen Robben, Neuer, and so many others. My idol at defending is Vincent Kompany. He has had a bad season this year, but he is a great defender and I will always believe in him. My offencive idol is Ibrahimovic, he is part of the Swedish national team and for his club team Paris Saint Germain. Ibrah once scored a half field bicycle kick.  He is a very cocky person but he can back his talk up. I dislike people who act like they know a lot about soccer when they really only know about Ronaldo and Messi. I once even heard people talking about how they heard how well Messi Ronaldo did last night. That always makes me laugh. I want to be able to influence kids like Ibrah and Kompany did to me. Here is a link to Cristiano Ronaldo’s wiki if you want to learn about a great player,





Usually, cops are good people. I want to change the image of cop because the 2% of cops who are bad, overthrow the image of the good cops. I want, not just to arrest people, but help them too. My grandpa was a narcotics police officer and he did a lot of dangerous thing. He told me if I want a lot of action go to Detroit. I would help people every chance I got, because people still think of cops as racist pigs who have no regard for black peoples lives. I want to be able to arrest people who drink and drive because they are putting other people in danger. I know someone who got hit with a car by a drunk driver and I know that really hurts the family. I never want someone I know to die from someone else’s carelessness.

Officers Ask Cars To Reverse Up Ramp



Special-Ed teachers are really helpful, patient, and kind. They help kids who have something wrong with them and I think that is awesome. They need to be patient because some kids aren’t as good as grasping a concept or doing a certain thing, you just need to walk along with them step by step. If you are not kind to your student, they will probably not like you, and if they don’t like you, they will be least likely to cooperate with you. Also, if you are not kind to every student regardless of if they have a problem, you will be reprimanded. You need to be helpful to them, because they just need a little more attention and help. I really like helping kids with problems, because they are different but they are just as funny and cool as someone who doesn’t have any problems.


Students in Classrooms at UIS 10-15-10

When I grow up, I really want to be a soccer player, cop, and a special-ed teacher for all these reasons. They can really help people and you could change their lives. Those are my future dream jobs. Have you thought about your future job?



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